The CABO LISA Story: Hope created by carbon recycling

What is carbon recycling? What kind of world awaits us if it is put into practical use? Future high school students Carbo and Lisa travel back in time to investigate carbon recycling efforts in 2022! This is story content that you can learn while having fun.


Carbon Recycling World

We will explain scientific phenomena related to carbon recycling in an easy-to-understand manner, such as what the carbon cycle is and what CO2 utilization technology is.



United Nations STI Forum 2023 Message Video

The then-Chairperson of the CRF, Mr. Nobuo Fukuda, gave a video speech as a high-level government respondent at the 8th UN STI Forum.
The moderator commented that carbon recycling is an extremely important technology for mitigating climate change in his speech in response to the significance of building a sustainable carbon system that leverages the Earth’s inherent functions.